Kitten behind computer

Everything I’ve Learned About Being Feminine…

…I’ve Learned from my cat. Unfortunately.Kitten behind computer

Feminine … Feline.  The connection between those two words first caught my attention when a distraught 16 year-old-boy in my class, moaned, “Have you ever noticed how much women (yes, he said women and not girls) are like cats.  They act like they like you, but once you get too close, out come the claws.”

Hmmm.  Scary-insightful for a 16 year old.

Watching our new kitten, it has occurred to me that maybe that kid was right.  There are more comparisons than are sometimes comfortable.


  • Hate being alone but insist on being independent
  • Talk way more than dogs (whom the same kid mentioned above said resembled guys)
  • Look postured to make a decision, but take FOREVER to pounce.
  • Want the most attention while you’re half awake or preoccupied.
  • Insist on seeking attention with their claws out.
  • Even when playful, are always on the edge of protective instincts
  • Clean up after themselves better than dogs
  • Very attracted to shiny, pretty things
  • Love to attack the most vulnerable places (i.e. hands, face, unprotected legs)
  • Very insistent on doing things their own way … so much harder to train than dogs.
  • Want all the attention from whoever is in the room, but very coy about it
  • And of course, there’s the whole, hissing-spitting thing when cats are mad (i.e. being catty)
  • When in trouble, immediately begins to purr and turn on the charm
  • Want attention whenever you sit down, stand up, or come anywhere near their vacinity
  • Converts from a cuddle to a pounce without warning
  • Pretty darn irresistible

Cats … women … we’re a little difficult to manage at times, but aren’t we adorable?  I’m sure there are some witty additions to this list, so bring them on.  Oh, and of course, feel free to help create a “dog/guys” list


11 thoughts on “Everything I’ve Learned About Being Feminine…

  1. Even my female dogs still act masculine.
    I find it funny how I have never seen a single male cat and the only male cat you ever think about is Garfield or a lion.

  2. well… I know some guys who are quite attracted to shiny things 😉 but most often those are swords or knives or other things that one is not supposed to bring to school.

  3. Hahaha… wow this list is so accurate in so many ways. It reminds me of this picture I have. It says “Guys vs Girls: Who is who?” Then it lists characteristics of cats, and then characteristics of dogs. I love reading posts like this because 1) its the truth and 2) it’s so funny! If I can come up with any ideas for a guys/dogs list I will definitely let you know 🙂

  4. Our cat, Flash (named after my aunt’s cat), he is probably the most social cat ever! Whenever someone comes over to the house, he has to go to that person. If we put Flash in the laundry room, you won’t hear anything from a few seconds to a couple of minutes…….then……out of nowhere you hear a soft “MEOW!!” Sometimes it gets worse and louder. Other times, he will go behind the washing machine. When you go to open the door, flash isn’t there. The first time this happened, I asked myself “Where did he go??” Closed the door….waited a little bit….still no cat…..left it open, he comes jumping from the side of the washing machine. How you said cats talk way more than dogs. Trust me, they really do!! Flash will sometimes out of nowhere meow, where it begins into a meow where he is saying “Hello!!!” I told my cousin, Julie who loves cats about this and she told me how her roommate’s cat did the same thing. Also, cats take things…what I mean by this is…. Flash will go upstairs in my parents bedrrom, taking my mom’s socks, holding it in his mouth, and then hiding it in our office.

    1. Brendan,
      Thanks for your great stories about Flash! I love his name and his personality. I know a lot of people who aren’t “cat people”, but personally, I don’t know how anyone can resist all the entertainment and quirky little things they do. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Yes! I have learned from our cat too!

    We have a kitty boy and a puppy girl.
    They have some funny ways to get along and play together 🙂

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