I love it when my students are smarter than me.  (Nearly a daily occurrence.)

“You spelled bologna wrong.”  This junior English student was reading my blog.

“I did?”

“She did?”  echoed others, mostly the girls who like to challenge this particular student.

“Yup.  You meant sandwich meat right?” He was referring to the story about my mom’s practical jokes.  “Well you spelled b-a-l-o-n-e-y, which means nonsense.

“Can’t you use them interchangeably?”

“Eh-eh.  Not technically.  Some people call them homophones, but they’re not.  Homophones should sound the same, even though they’re spelled differently and mean different things. Bologna should be pronounced like the Italian city, Bologna (‘boloan-ya’).”

I was impressed.  “Did I teach you all that about homophones?”


Well, I was glad that some teacher’s efforts had paid off and that my students were becoming grammar sleuths.  Way to go C.S.  That’s good stuff.  (The grammar lesson, not the bologna.)