God Bless America

Last week, a photo circulated showing George and Laura Bush painting a building in Africa.   I couldn’t help but think, “That’s leadership.” And it’s the kind of leadership we need right now in America.

If conservatives want to restore strong, family-friendly values in America we HAVE to add action to our rhetoric.  It’s that simple.  And by action I mean actually getting out among people we don’t know, don’t like, and don’t understand, giving our time and resources to say that we care.  We aren’t going to win anything lasting by simply restoring laws; we need changed hearts and that is only going to happen if we get up close and messy into the lives of people.

Along these lines, below is a prayer I wrote on the day after the elections last November.  Now, the day after Independence Day 2013, I pray it again.

Dear Lord of Undeserved Mercies,
I awaken this morning a bit gloomy and sad … things didn’t go the way I hoped.
For the moment, the world seems a little darker, my country unwise, our freedoms a whole lot less free.
But Lord, there’s this little bit of light deep down in me … take it Lord, and let it shine … let shine. Let it shine. And let it shine.
When my words strike out resentful and bitter … shut my mouth and help me turn up the light … let it shine.
When I want to point fingers and place blame, stop me. Instead, let me give a hug, bend my knees in prayer, live Your truth out loud.
Let my life show Your kindness, Your brilliance,Your power … no matter who attempts to lead the way.
The feistiest, the crustiest, the most weary of hearts … let me run to – not from them. The angriest of voices, the loudest of foes … let me weep for the pain that seared their hearts and hardened their lives.
Let me cherish every life, and never apologize for doing so, because a person is a person, no matter what.
It is said that love conquers all.
May Your Love … the kind that hung from a naked, ugly cross before it dared to rest upon a throne … let THAT love well up in me.
Change us … change me … inside and then … outside.
Take this little light of mine … let it shine … let it shine…
Let. It. Shine.

God, please bless America once again.


2 thoughts on “God Bless America

  1. I had my share of frustrations with W while he was in office, just as any President will frustrate you from time to time, but I think I’d love to hang out with him during his retirement. He seems so grounded and joyful these days. I think he’s probably a great joke teller as well, and we could all use something to laugh about. I read in a post by Donald Miller recently that W is taking art lessons so he can learn to paint. Many former Presidents feel compelled to maintain their position in the public eye. Not W. He’s learning to do self portraits. That makes me smile inside.
    Don’t know if you ever got a chance to read this one I wrote during the election season.

  2. Thanks once again for being a faithful reader and responder! I’m always blessed by your uplifting comments and feel like I have at least one fan. 🙂

    I did read your post about the election season. (The title is hard to ignore!) Loved your depth of thought on the topic and totally agree with the sentiment that no human leader will ever save us in this or any nation. I also think it doesn’t help anyone to vilify our opponents and in this regard I felt that the article could have been called “Stubborn … Americans” rather than “Stubborn Ass Church”. I yearn for America to come back to open dialogue about our differences rather than shouting down opponents with accusations of “bigotry” and “hatred”. Also, I am in the process of finishing up a blog about how I feel Christians need to be much more vocal about some issues of a political nation, while at the same time putting action to our words. Hope I won’t add too much to your frustration with Christians and politics! 🙂 Final thought … I especially loved your final paragraph/prayer … Jesus is strong!

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