Jurassic Park (A Marriage Poem)

I often shy away from writing anything that resembles poetry … This piece, however,  is what comes of a summer of chick flicks, reading T.S. Eliot, and thoughts of marriages decimated because (possibly) they were built on a wedding and not a vow.

Jurassic Park

Sweet Girl,
Wedding dreams fill your eyes …
You dream the dress … the flowers …
A line of beaming bridesmaids
A shiny, precise diamond …
Your ring finger weighted with anticipation
Color and sparkle and splash

Cinderella shoes
Dancing music … exotic food … posh decorations …
The gift register skillfully planned
The dish pattern outclasses all others
Romantic, shimmering crystal goblets
Exquisite, crowd pleasing
You have raised the bar of social cool
Color and sparkle and splash

A best friend to plan with
No bride wars here
Cake, hor d’oeuvres extraordinaire
Romeo in a tux, squirming, proud
His best friend promises not to be a jerk
The father-daughter dance springs tears all around
Gifts stacked tall and wide, tropical honeymoon beckons
Color and sparkle and splash

And the marriage?
What planning takes place for the lifetime together?
What consideration for days beyond “I do”?
His flaws?
His needs?
His dreams?
His fears?
Your flaws?

Have you anticipated the day
When the dishes chip?
When the crystal is clouded and scratched?
The days when a baby is screaming
While the toddler wipes snot on your clean shirt?
Arms in the air to be lifted up
Color and sparkle and splash

The house is heavy with dust
The mail carrier leaves business-class envelopes
With thick paper and balances owed
Hinges squeak, a pipe leaks
Did anyone feed the fish this week?
Romeo won’t take his headphones off
The shadows of his video game sneak across the room
Color and sparkle and splash

It’s not awful … Marriage … it really isn’t
It’s only excruciating
And delightful
And lonely
One day rain and grey
The next … color and sparkle and splash

A surgery of self
The labor of two hearts squozen into one
Forged from stone-solid individualists

Sweet Girl,
Did you know …
A jungle lies outside the doors of the chapel?
The limousine is destined down the lanes of Jurassic Park
Where carnivorous dinosaurs roam
They roar …
They feed on dreams …
They swallow intimacy …
They chew … They gulp all that is
And sparkle
And splash

They are conquerable …
Those dinosaurs …
Just not alone
Not unprepared

Sweet Girl, Sweet Boy,
Look far, look long into your vows
They are the sinews of a life together
Anchor them deep, deep into the ROCK
Where there is ONE who can pull you out
And push you through the jungle
ONE whose scarred hands are masterful at forging
Two hearts into one
ONE who can constrain dinosaurs

Hold high the communion glass
Toast to the One called Love
That He might teach you His Way
And give the map that unfurls Jurassic Park
Let Heaven’s glow sweeten the cup
Let Eternal Promise light the path
Then run well into life
Hand in hand

And Splash

River at Zion Nation Park



12 thoughts on “Jurassic Park (A Marriage Poem)

  1. I love it Shelly – so much truth here. It is not possible without grace, and in world that scoffs at that reality, all that is left is “the day”. Maybe the loving witness of your marriage open hearts and minds to the divine plan for the two becoming one.

  2. Thanks Shelly for sharing….. I enjoyed and it was so much truth….. We go into 34 years next year and with out leaning on the Rock it crumbles…. but His strength is amazing… and the lessons learned …… Clay always signs his cards or emails…. always and forever….:)

    1. Thirty four! How awesome!! And how sweet are Clays signatures … definitely the right perspective. You two are an incredible couple who clearly shows the strength of two being better than one, as you have stood strong through a number of trials … what a blessing!

  3. Thank you so much Shelly for that beautiful poem! Many years ago I began the dream and for a number of years I danced the dance of love. The horrible dinosaur named ‘alcoholism’ destroyed that dream, but God does indeed make all things new. He has brought healing to my heart! Keep writing poems!

  4. Thank you for sharing, Carlyn and for the encouragement. I’m glad that God’s love and healing are work through the disappointments and pain. Sounds like you have experienced the truth that God does make beauty from ashes.

  5. Shelly that was awesome. I usually don’t like anything that is a poem….I usually don’t “get it”. I’m not really a very deep thinker. But I really liked this. David and I are on year 31. I didn’t put a whole lot of thought into my wedding…I was busy planning a marriage to be in love forever no matter what 🙂

    1. Thanks so much, Robin. I’m glad the poem touched you … it certainly came from a unique season of writing for me. You and David are “rocks” when it comes to have a solid marriage and I so admire your devotion to one another. Thanks for reading and responding.

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