55,000, 0000.  Fifty-five MILLION.  The number has taunted me all week.

I am reading The Book Thief.  Having read many books on the Holocaust and WWII, this one sweeps me into the inexcusable actions of Hitler  from a perspective like none other.

I come from German decent … have taken pride in the heritage of Martin Luther and others who brought spiritual awakening and freedom to the world.  My stomach aches to think that truth has a lifespan.  The Book Thief throws in my face the hard, cold fact that any culture can change … can spiral from one of enlightenment and high ideals to a deep, dark, stench of cruelty and madness.

6,000,000.  The number terrified the world.  How had this happened on their watch? My dad (who fought in that war), dared to hope that the lesson had been learned.  He surmised that civilized countries would certainly, now, fight for the causes of freedom on behalf of all … ALL people. Yes, Dad, that’s sorta happening … as long as such people are an infant, toddler, teenager, grown adult, or the likes … anything but a fetus.

Fifty five million.  Frightfully unreal … on my watch  … at this very moment … a human in his or her fetus stage probably just died as there are about 9 abortions every 4 minutes in the U.S.  With hardness and determination, my nation demands this right.

5,000.  That’s an estimated number for the people who showed up on my state capital this last week to speak for the FIFTY FIVE MILLION … to pray … to plead … to ask … to reason that the madness stop.

I’m encouraged to see a stirring in the conscious of people once again.  The same science that is used to blur the issue is opening the eyes of many, particularly youth, to the wonders of their origin within the womb … awakening them with a passion to defend and protect.

I know the answers aren’t easy.  I know that women feel trapped.  That’s why I wrote Dear Barb in a previous blog.  Yet, I feel numb today.  Fifty five million.  Do people really not get it?  Why won’t we stop?

Would you stop  …  and pray for America for a few moments?  Would you pray that our hearts soften?  That a desire to cherish and protect the unborn would grow within us?  Would you pray for women who feel tapped … for men … for couples … for families?  Would you pray for abortion doctors to become disgusted at what they do?  Would you pray that America put our amazing talents, progress, and compassion together to come up with better solutions than abortion?