Toy tractors on fence

This pic from a recent walk has me applauding some awesome parents in our neighborhood.  (Can you hear me clapping and cheering?!)   Seriously, I really didn’t think parents invested in such toys any more, especially in the city.  Way to go Family-with- the-Rope-Swing- on-the-Street- and-Tonka-Trucks-on-the-Fence.

As I wrote before, my childhood was made up of chicken poop and pirates.  Now, as a teacher, I see creative play and outside activity as the best ingredients for creating curious life-learners.

John Milton (Paradise Regained)  said it well:

The childhood shows the man
As morning shows the day.

If you’re a parent who has decided to put off buying “Ipad for Baby” or a smart phone for your ten-year-old, rest assured … you are doing a GOOD thing.  Your child WILL NOT be missing a thing … in fact, she is more likely to have a longer attention span, more energy, and healthy relationships because she knows how to look people in the eye rather than stare at a gadget in her hands.

Swing in Proctor

My walk and these pictures, reminded me that there is a lot for parents to take a stand on these days in order to not see their kids swallowed up in the technology frenzy.  A prayer comes your way from me.

Would enjoy hearing your thoughts — how have you balanced technology in your home?