Twelve Days of Christmas Seahawks

UPDATE:  They did it!!! And the holiday feel continues … spent five minutes each with two different strangers yesterday reliving our favorite moments of the game.  The teachers’ lunch room  (full of women at the time) was mostly Super Bowl talk, airing our disappointment in the commercials as well as game talk.  Cars still sporadically drive up the main street near our place honking their horn all the way.  Called my out of state daughter to get her take on the game. I’m still saying, “Go Hawks” to people. And then, there are the predictions about how many people will miss work and school on Wednesday because of the parade. 

Celebrate on Seattle!  You’ve earned it.  We’ve earned it!! (Twelth man lives!!!)  And may the very best of what has drawn us together live on, at least for awhile.


“It’s a freaking holiday!”  This said by the guy in line behind me at Safeway.

Although his tone caught me off guard, how  true! The Seahawks in the Superbowl have ignited an upswelling, overflowing, pitch fever frenzy that can compare only to the holiday season.  Seahawk t-shirts, jerseys, towels, mugs, ornaments, aprons, hats, posters, flags, baby clothes, … didn’t I see a FB post with someone’s dog in a Wilson jersey? (Even Mike and I broke down and bought t-shirts yesterday … thanks KMart for still have some great, affordable ones left!) Green, blue, and white Christmas lights are still up on many homes in our neighborhood, and one guy down the hill has a spotlight on his ginormous 12th man flag, making it boast proudly into Tacoma’s night skyline.

Oh! And don’t forget the food! Pizzas, cookies, cupcakes, bean dips, cheap white wine with Seahawk labels plastered on, Seahawk’s beer … and of course, SKITTLES!

Then there’s the “holiday” greeting every where you enter and leave, “Go Hawks!”  The little nod of heads, a knowing glance between strangers … such is only equated to the exchange of “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Holidays”

How can you blame us, really?  With no sports titles in years, we want this really, really, really, REALLY, REALLY, BADLY!

I get a kick out of people who don’t understand us Seattle fans.  Yesterday, afternoon, Molly and I were behind a guy at Chipolte (which by the way, was PACKED as was the mall next door , as only it is at Christmas) who clearly hadn’t lived in the area long.

“Yeah, no one is really a true Seahawk’s fan around here,” he explained to his cute, pregnant wife.  “It’s just a band wagon effect.  This twelfth man thing is only a big deal because of the Superbowl.  Trust me, no one stands by the Hawks on other years.”

“Well, some of us do,” I couldn’t help myself.  And it’s true, I’ve yelled at my TV on Sunday afternoon for years, groaning with the losses … in a good mood for the week that followed a win.

The poor man was clearly embarrassed that I had overheard him, but I engaged him in friendly conversation and realized that his ignorance was forgivable … he just moved into the area.  Plus, he serves in the military so I owe him some respect.  Besides, he’s not entirely off, but who doesn’t get a little more excited when the home team is winning?  So what if some weren’t paying attention in the off years?

That’s what I’m liking best about this Superbowl run … we’re actually all (well mostly … I’ve seen some taunting shades of orange in our midst this week) on the same team around here for a change.  That’s not something that happens very much anymore.  Politics, economy, religion … there are some pretty polarizing issues in the Northwest, and in my opinion it’s gotten pretty nasty of late.

So we have the Hawks to unite us for a moment or two. And of course, there’s plenty to weary the soul when it comes to football – over inflated egos, ridiculous contracts and money, gambling, drunk fans, the sheer idolization of athletes, and the list goes on …

Yet there’s much that draws us … the teamwork, dedication, overcoming odds, perseverance, leadership, strategy.  It’s the stuff that ties us – even if just for a moment – to that pioneering, overcoming spirit imbedded deep in American hearts and souls.

For Seattle and the Northwest, we are one community for these last 12 days or so … here’s my hope that when the last whistle is blown and the last Superbowl ad fades away today, that we, as a community will reflect on what drew us together for these few moments … on what truly unites rather than divides us … and may we live the next year respecting that common ground.

Now, Russell! now Richard! now Brandon and Marshawn!
On Percy! on Golden! on Michael and Jermaine!
Now smash away! Crash away! Dash away all!
Happy Game to All and to All a Super Bowl Win!!


Cat and the hat! Sophie checks out the Hawks.
Cat and the hat! Sophie checks out the Hawks.