Thanks, faithful readers, for helping me build my readership and blog visibility!

I am sending this with a link to my last blog (25 Great Short Stories), because a plug-in update temporarily omitted my mailing list. Sadly, this means that blog didn’t get sent to your email.

I really enjoyed putting together the reading list.  For me, a good story is like having made a friend or gone on a journey that sticks with me for seasons to come.

The inspiration began a month ago in a coffee shop. While innocently savoring a chai tea latte and correcting a few papers,  a barista asked me what I was working on.  Thirty minutes later (I was the only customer in the shop near closing), we finished an energized conversation about books and stories that English teachers make you read.  It made my day to see a 20-something-year-old so jazzed about reading the classics as well as new stuff that’s out there.

More “Reading Lists” are on their way. I’m having a blast putting together my recommendations for Children’s Stories You May Have Forgotten About as well as a list of Children’s Series.  My favorite list under construction includes Inspirational Books and Stories.

I’m curious about which of these you have read or what you might be inspired to check out now.

I appreciation your readership! Also, remember, every time you share on Facebook, other social media, or invite others to check out and subscribe to the blog, you are helping me to become a sustained blogger. Thanks! You are awesome!