Mike, Clash of Clans keeps calling … they want their leader back …  so do we.

The last 15 hours have been full of forward progress and good news. Almost one week to the minute, Mike spoke each of the girls’ names and told us he loved us.  He has a slow motion, pirate-voice-thing going on, but he’s able to indicate most of his needs and wants, including his desire for a cheese burger.  To those urging us to get him that cheeseburger … soon, we hope.  There are yet a couple of mountains to climb (or be removed).

“He’s certainly one of the happiest patients we’ve ever had,” one nurse said.

And he has been … smiling at everyone, mouthing, “Thank you” or “I love you.”  This morning, I got a clear, “Hi beautiful.”

“He’s also one of the most restless patients.”

True again, Mike won’t quite twitching; I keep pulling him back onto the bed … he’s “walked” a couple of miles already this morning.

Last night close friends came by … he teared up, clearly recognizing them and what they each mean to our family.

Back to the constant emails from Clash of Clans …  I don’t know how much his leadership is needed for the survival of  a video game, but I have had a look at the impact he has made on the generations behind us.

A tear-inducing glimpse occurred last Friday when a 15-year-old boy came to pray for Mike with his mother and her friends.  Strangers to us, they heard about Mike and felt a strong compulsion to come if it was okay with me and the girls.

We said yes.  They came in quiet, yet bold.  The teenager gently laid a hand on Mike.  In a firm voice he prayed, “Rise up man of God.  My generation needs you.”

I may write more later about how God used prayer in Mike’s recovery … but Friday was definitely a turning point.  It was the first day that I felt fully assured that God was going to heal Mike on this side of eternity and this assurance was confirmed by three different groups of people who prayed/sensed similar things.

Mike has always had a desire to see young people know and love God.  That so many “youngsters” came to our side this last week, praying, believing, trusting, stretching their faith … his heart will be so stirred.  Rather than take advantage of a chance to best him in “Clash”, these kids want their friend/ mentor/leader/Dad/surrogate-dad/uncle/goofball/coach/  back.

So hang on, “Clash” and all … he’s coming.

A few of the things he’s said today, that I’ve been able to make out (and that have boosted my heart):

The doctor said, “I don’t think you like doctors very much.”  He clearly said, “But I like you.”

“Do you need anything?” she asked.

“No. I have my wife.”

She later said, “You are a very lucky man, Mike. You are very lucky to still be here.”

He said, “Not luck. God has a purpose for me.”

I think that’s a good place to stop for today.