“Nothing tends more to cement the hearts of Christians than praying together. Never do they love one another so well as when they witness the outpouring of each other’s hearts in prayer.”

– Charles Finney

Mike and I are  into week #2 of our Praycation and are most recently holed-up in the Spokane area, enjoying the hospitality of some of our dearest friends.  It’s a week of rest, reflection, heartfelt conversations, delicious food, card games, movies, and praying.  It sounds busy, but it’s very laid back, and the gang is allowing me some space to catch up on some writing while Mike treasure hunts area thrift stores.

This is probably the most quiet week in terms of getting out and praying for others because I’m being somewhat anti-social , focusing on my projects, yet we’ve still managed to experience some interesting encounters and can easily see things around us to pray for.  Most obvious and concerning are the fires of Western Washington.


This picture is of Eastern Washington taken at 4:30 in the afternoon in what is supposed to be a sunny, hot day. Facing the far north part of Spokane, it instead, looks like a winter’s day out there … a muggy winter’s day that smells like a giant campfire That doesn’t add up, does it? It started “clouding up” on Saturday night and now (Monday), the smoke has robbed almost all visibility.  Although there have been some fires in this area, the west side of the state is the cause of this.

This was Saturday Night's sunset from our friend's home in Spokane.  This was from a local fire.
This was Saturday Night’s sunset from our friend’s home in Spokane. This was from a local fire.

We’re praying for …
The safety of firefighters throughout the state and region
Safety for farmers bringing in their crops (Some of our family had a close call this weekend.)

I’ve been thinking … what would happen if my family intentionally took an extra one minute at dinner each night to pray for an event in the news, like the fires? And what would happen if we added a second minute to pray for a loved one in need or who doesn’t know Christ?  Two guaranteed minutes of prayer together a day … where might this lead?

Last weekend brought a handful of face to face opportunities to either pray for people on the spot or to let them know that we would be praying for them throughout this week. One of our most memorable encounters took place during a yard sale where we met a delightful young family. After talking to them for awhile about a number of topics, Mike explained our Praycation and asked if they would like us to be in prayer for them.  They were surprised and seemed a little unfamiliar with such ideas, but were quick to share a need.

“We want our to keep our life simple and uncluttered,” the wife said. “And we want to have wisdom raising our children, especially the teenager.”

I’ve been hearing these sentiments repeatedly of late, and have then offered prayers like this:

Please show us Your purposes in our families. Help us to recognize and remove any distractions, any idols. Help us to love Your word again.  May we read and teach Your word faithfully.  Help us to linger in prayer on behalf of our children.  Your Kingdom come, Your will be done in our homes.  Thank you, Jesus.  Amen

Love the farmland! So thankful for our farmers and those who labor over the soil
Love the farmland! So thankful for our farmers and those who labor over the soil.