A travel log is a departure from my usual style, but today, I feel inspired.

This is my third trip to the tiny town of Tekoa in three weeks as we continue to support family through a health crisis.

Highway Tekoa

As the crisis has ebbed,  yesterday afforded me what I thought was going to be a quick walk in a refreshing blast of November sunshine.  I have been carrying my camera on all these trips, but this was the first time I took it out of its bag.  In truth, I’ve been a little nervous about this moment.  I’m less than a month out from cataract surgery on both eyes … couldn’t help but wonder what I might see (or not see) through the camera as my vision has literally been flipped, and I’m still adjusting to a whole new way of seeing.

Whether my photography has changed will be judged by those who view it, but one thing that hasn’t changed is the inspiration that bursts forth from Eastern Washington and her small towns. I have photographed this area dozens and dozens if not a hundred plus times and never, never cease to find some new beauty that I want to capture.

Tekoa, in particular, is a town that captivates me each and every season.

As I wandered up main street at 10:00 AM on a Saturday morning, I thought, “What a worthy sojourn for anyone within an hour or so drive.”

Tekoa WA

A leisurely breakfast at the Feeding Station … shopping in the Thompson Barn Store (it is impossible to leave without purchasing a new treasure) … coffee at Eclairs … the charm of the town’s drug store … old houses and old cars … a drive out to Lone Pine to see what is possibly the only all wood grain elevator left standing in the state … a dash into the grocery store to purchase locally roasted Tobra Coffee … antiques if you happen to catch the proprietor or two working in their shops.  All are the making of a restorative Saturday morning.

So yesterday … for at least an hour … I forgot about infections and broken hips and helicopter airlifts in the middle of the night. I pushed out memories of being pulled over by the one cop awake in the entire county at 1:30 in the morning and running over deer on I-90 and almost hitting another coming out of Colfax at 2:30 in the morning.  I forgot about doctors’ appointments and prescription orders and following up with friends and family. For an hour, I absorbed a boat load of vitamin D and enjoyed one of the greatest places on God’s green (and yellow and red and golden) earth.

Tekoa Sites
A lonely car on the edge of town, enjoying the view.
Station Wagon_1525
The old car dealership on main street is now used to restore classic cars.
Thompson Barn Chandelier_0293
I didn’t have a picture of the Thompson Barn Store on main street, but this is a pic from inside the barn itself; a venue used for hosting special events. (Photo taken earlier in the year.)
Lone Pine Elevator
Somehow, even though I grew up in the region and come back often, I did not know that this elevator existed until two years ago. It is located a few miles outside of Tekoa.


Tree by Rodeo_1557
Whimsical tree by the creek … you’ll find this behind the Iron Horse Arena (near the trestle bridge).
View from a Barn_0303
This is also from the Thompson Barn … what a beautiful view for a reception or special family gathering. (Photo taken earlier in the year.)


Main Street Tekoa
The Feeding Station. One of our favorites for breakfasts and Chicken Tuesdays.


Tekoa, Washington
Former Railroad Line, just outside of town.
A true farm town is marked by its possession of a vast number of John Deere tractors.
Start with the bridge … end with the bridge. Can never get enough shots.

Thanks for sharing my walk and a very special place.  Hope you visit Tekoa one of these days … just keep in mind that the County Sheriff loves the town too and fervently protects its citizens from errant speeders … even at 1:30 in the morning! On my behalf, I was going 36 in a 25 mile an hour zone right at the posted sign. On the sheriff’s behalf, he didn’t give me a ticket given my mission.  I love small towns!