A quest for kindness is all sweet and swell for about three days.

There are better souls than me who would likely last longer, but it took me about 72 hours, and now I don’t feel like being kind anymore.

This world stinks.  We make stupid laws. We argue and fight. We oppress. We ignore. We bully. We cave. We cower. We lie. We leave the vulnerable defenseless.

It’s a mess and sometimes I just want to shout or kick something or even slap someone (several someones, at the moment).

Kindness fails for sure.

Then I think of Mrs. Gardner.

She was a strange creature.  I really don’t know much about her history, but will never forget when she showed up in our town, occupying a house that had been abandoned for years.

She was in her 70’s, she was poor, she walked everywhere, and when she had a problem?  Well … she would sing.

Yep … that’s how she took on the world … with a song.

Countless times, I saw Mrs. Gardner walking through town or even miles down the highways out of town, her hands clasped behind her back, a smile on her face, and a hymn or happy tune coming out of her mouth.

“There’s Mrs. Gardner,” we’d yell from the school bus.

“Wonder where she’s walking today?” some would ask.

“I wonder what she’s singing today,” was always my unspoken thought.

People liked her. She worked hard. She cared for others, but about all else she did was sing.

I’m mad today.  I want to be mean to people, not be kind to them … yet, I really do want to sow seeds of kindness into this cold and divisive culture.

So I close my computer and today, I SING.

I will sing II_3178