IMG_0014I would end up in a puddle of sweat and grow bald, if I tried to post every day … still, I am going to be more frequent in my postings as I search for a daily dose of kindness in keeping with my new year’s focus. I wonder what some of you are seeing out there in your sphere of influence.  Is kindness making any waves?

Yesterday’s dose of kindness came in two forms.  First, this article:

Officers support fallen officer’s son at hockey game

The headline alone, had me in tears. Kindness … a mere, simple act that freezes evil … throws it on its back.  That young man will never forget those hundreds of officers who came out to support him.  May that memory soften the pain and angst he will face in days and years ahead at the loss of his father.  May more kindness find its way to his family on every day that seems impossible because of the tragedy staring them in the face.

The second dose of kindness came at the coffee shop.  I’m not a coffee drinker but love the coffee shop … have spent hours there over the last several years, working and occasionally making new friends.

Lately, it’s seemed that people are more reserved at the coffee shop than they used to be.  It doesn’t help that we all have earbuds shoved in, (me included).  We’ve created mobile, little bubbles that put us in the midst of people, yet away from them at the same time.  Kind of like hamsters in a ball, I suppose.

I’m an offender myself.  Sometimes, I want to be surrounded by people, but not really interact because I have so much school work to do.  Yesterday, was one of those kinds of days.  Earplugs in, people surrounded me, but stayed out of my space.

Then one kid (probably mid twenties, but still a kid to me), made it obvious that he wanted my attention..  Staring in my direction, ear buds out …he sought eye contact.

(Looking back, I have this nagging feeling that I might have accidentally drank his water that was near my hand … maybe that’s why he started staring at me in the first place. Oops, if I did.)

Turns out he needed me to watch his stuff while he went to the bathroom.  When he came back however, I was caught off guard.  Obvious that I was a teacher and he a student, he struck up a conversation.  Later, his friend came in, and I was invited into their conversation as well.  The friend is a nurse in the ICU unit where Mike received care last spring.  I didn’t remember the man, but it was cool to talk to someone who understood where we had been. As these two left, the first guy stuck out his hand and said, “It was good talking to you. Hope I see you in here again.”

A young woman (also a student) soon took their seat and also struck up a conversation with me.  Moments later, a couple of men asked about available seats next to me.  Turns out, that I knew one of them … a pastor who had served at a school I knew.

As I prepared to leave the coffee shop, a second young woman stopped me.

“You sure know a lot of people,” she said.

“Well … now I do.” I had to laugh.

The woman is new in town … had come to the coffee shop to do a Bible study.  Warmed by the kindness of the first young man who had struck me up a conversation, the ripple effect yet moved me to another person and an endearing conversation.

Intriguing … life, that is … is intriguing when lived with the earplugs out and when sparked by kindness.