Things Learned While Teaching

Lessons For Teacher

Some of the best “six minutes segments” of my day happens on the job. Nearly 20 years in a classroom, and I learn something daily.  This week’s revelations:

#1 Kids eat erasers.  Seriously.  Every day I find “de-rasered pencils” in the pencil exchange box.  I never find the erasers, so have concluded that the kids are eating them.  Good grief. Why? Fiber? No … really … what are they doing with the erasers?
Lessons for Teacher

#2 Humor is better for kids; stern is easier for teachers. Although, sometimes stern is needed. And sometimes giving into the urge to laugh is self-sabatoge.

#3 Boys do coloring pages differently than girls:

Lessons for Teachers
This went with our curriculum for Anne of Green Gables.  Apparently, one of the boys saw something between the lines that the rest of us missed.

Beyond some classic, funny moments, we have been working hard.  The featured image above is from a project we call, “Paper People”.  It was a blast and definitely something we will do again.  The project came as a followup to Johnny Tremain.  Students each chose a character from the famous historical novel and used story descriptions to guide in creating their depiction.  They then wrote summaries, told in first person point of view, about the character’s involvement in the plot and/or history.

Lessons for Teacher
“Paper People” from Johnny Tremain


Lessons for Teacher - Johnny Tremain
More Paper People

Hope your week is as fun as ours!








5 thoughts on “Lessons For Teacher

  1. Shell,

    You never ate erasers when you were young!!?? I thought we all did, even if only once. For most of us, once was enough, but no doubt there were some who did it more often.

    Ask Mike if he ever ate one. 😊😊😜😜



    1. Somehow I missed out on that delicacy. However, I have swallowed a few teaspoons of ink over the years from chewing on a ballpoint pen and having it break off in my mouth. And of course … everyone knows when it happens because of the ink stains on the face! BTW … you really ate erasers?!

      1. Only once out of curiosity and experimentation, but little kids are always doing that. And once was definitely enough for me. 😊😊

    1. Sounds like he needs more fiber! Yah, I find lots of pencils with teeth marks … even more I find broken pencils almost daily. A bit puzzling, but I picture them writing something brilliant, breaking the pencil in half, throwing it on the floor, and saying, “There! That’s that! Can’t be beat!” Kinda of a mic drop with pencils.

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