As much as I would like to, I’ve concluded that I cannot change the world.  It is too heavy and in the same moment, it is too fragile for my clumsy efforts.

I cannot change the world, but I can make six moments count today:

  1. I can call my mother.  She’s 76 and loves to hear my voice.  I can procrastinate my school work a little longer and give her six minutes (OR MORE) that I would have spent worrying about events that I can’t fix anyway.
  2. I can pray for this nation and for its leaders.  Instead of spending six minutes complaining, I can ask God to work in areas I cannot rightly see or understand, but that He can.
  3. I can text a young mom and remind her that everything (barfing kids to lost homework to embarrassing meltdowns in the grocery store) matters simply because she is there with her child in those moments.
  4. I can hug my husband and listen for the 60th time about his 4th period class, and then hug him again when he listens about my classes for the 60th and 70th times.  Six (or twelve or eighteen) minutes less to spend mindlessly scrolling through Facebook because of the time I gave him, but seriously, do I really have to think about that?
  5. I can stop a middle schooler in the hall and ask him to tell me something cool about his weekend. I may lose my place in line at the copy machine, but he’s a kid that will walk away knowing that an adult heard him today.
  6. I can text my daughters several times during the day until they’re annoyed. “I’m proud of you!  I love you!”  (Or send a mouse graphic by accident and then keep sending it because I think I’m funny … they don’t. :] )They’re “adulting” now (and doing well at it), but can still use a cheerleader or a pesty mom who like to give them a reason to roll their eyes.

The thought of changing the world makes me anxious, because it seems so impossible anymore. This globe is so vicious.  Like a tiny grain of sand next to a vast, churning ocean, I feel vulnerable and even unnecessary. There’s so much darkness, but maybe I can brighten a small space … six things … six moments  … six minutes at a time.