My goal this week … focus on at least six things a day than will carry far more importance than listening to the news or worrying about stuff I have not control over..

But today, as I start to write, the news has won and all I can think about is that more people are senselessly dead at the hand of evil.

Mamas have lost their children … families have a gaping hole … the world has lost needed voices … Our future is a little more bleak.

Today I mourn.

Today I shout at Evil.  You slimy coward!

Today I cry for those lost beyond the headlines … those in remote, dark laces where evil tortures, abuses, takes life, slinks about, molds and rots the souls of people.

Today I wait on God, trusting that He hasn’t disappeared, nor does He ever allow evil the last word.

Today I will hug a little harder and listen a little longer.

Today I hope for a better tomorrow.