Today is a day that would like to leave me overwhelmed and anxious. It is something I’ve become good at lately and for no particular reasons. There is an alternative.  I can take on life six minutes at a time and find small moments to make my own.

Today, on this Wednesday, I can …

  1. Let my 7th graders tell me their corny puns and then pay them back with my own creations and then let them laugh and tell stories even though we should be starting a lesson. (And speak in really long sentences, strung together with conjunctions so that they can get the point that doing this is super annoying in their writing. OR I can speak in rhyme for a whole class period … they just love that!)
  2. Pray … REALLY pray … for another teacher today, remembering that what we do is a bit like trying to herd cats in a room full of raccoons, while another set of life’s pressures are lurking outside the classroom door.
  3. Tuck away my cell phone and look the checker at the grocery store in the eyes and say something like, “What’s your day been like?” (Or exchange puns with the checker at Trader Joe’s who seems to be preparing himself for a gig in stand up comedy.)
  4. Sit with my Bible a little longer … read a few more passages … try to “hear” a little more closely.
  5. Push back the papers on my desk and walk outside with my friend at lunch time for a quick ten minutes of catching up and conversing with another adult.
  6. Turn off the news, hold hands with my husband, and pray for our world rather than worry about it.

Today was not without God’s hands on it; tomorrow will not be without His voice … even if it is soft and the volume of a whisper.  Take that, Anxiety.