When God was enough –
When it was enough to think about Him all the time …
To constantly sing songs that simply said, “Thank you”
To sing because I found Him and His redemption plan amazing.

When it was enough to drink in page after page of scripture …
To write down promises and put them where I would see
And remember

When it was enough to wait for His clear guidance
To seek His Word for direction
To listen to the wisdom of others who knew Him
Better than me.

When it was enough to suddenly burst into a smile because I just knew
He was there … really there …
Watching … listening …

When it was enough to pray about everything.

When it was enough to tell even strangers that He is real
And the Cross has done its work
And He cares
And He is worth waiting for.

When it was enough to be okay with pain and disappointment
Because I could sense … He was shaping me
Draining me of bitterness
Teaching me the secrets of forgiveness.

When it was enough to not worry about money
To be generous without regard
To know I couldn’t out-give God
To know that He might be quiet, but never stingy.

When it was enough to let church leaders be broken too
And I prayed faithfully … daily …
Instead of whining
Or judging.

When it was enough to know that I am loved
That love is stronger than doubt
That I have purpose
That there is a fresh tomorrow on the other side of repentance.

When it was enough to have a child’s faith
To love without hesitation
To obey without argument
To find myself at peace …

It was a time …
A sweet, tender
And yearned for time …
When God was enough.