Oops! Looks like someone let some good stuff slip into their yard waste. And look at those sunflowers grow! In a mound of waste, these happy flowers have proudly raised their heads and determined to survive, even though meant to be cast off.  They were not part of the plan.

Or …

Were they the plan?
Sunflowers 2.jpg

I heard a sermon once about Jesus’ discussion of good and bad soil and meaningful results in our lives. “You know what good soil is, don’t you?” my pastor asked.

“Good soil is loaded with what the cow left behind.  It often takes a stinky mess to create rich and useable soil that can grow a healthy plant with deep roots.  You want a great harvest? Then plan on things getting messy.”

The Bible talks about beauty from ashes. Today, I saw beauty amongst decay.  And it helps …

It helps when I see people undergo pain that I cannot fathom.

It helps when failures seem too many … too frequent.

It helps when I read stomach-lurching headlines about cruel and senseless actions against innocent people.

It helps when I experience a step forward only to be blown not two steps back, but completely off course and having to start over … again!

It helps when I’m tired and feel like not one useful thing has comes from my life, at least not of late.

Beauty from decay … without a mess, I may never find what’s truly inside.

Today, I choose thankfulness for sunflowers in the midst of waste.  I’m thankful that what looks to be wasted in my life, very likely is not.  I’m thankful that God’s plan is enough.

Sunflower 3.jpg