Mike and I are “wresting”.

We are on what has become our annual “pray cation”.  This year’s theme: WAITING, WRESTLING, AND RESTING … thus WRESTING.

Waiting for direction for the future … sensing some changes but want God’s timing and clear leading.  (Hint: we would really like to move back to Eastern Washington or Idaho. We love our current jobs and church, yet feel a strong pull each time we are here.)

Wrestling with letting go of wrong thinking, past hurts, habits that waste time, and “fuel” that feeds negative thinking.  (We’re both reading John Bevere’s book Bait of Satan.  Such an important message in this book!)

Resting.  Sitting with family.  Listening.  Giving the gift of time to elderly friends.  Taking long drives.  Playing cards.  Reading books.  Praying for loved ones in crisis.  Pre-praying (preparing) for the school year ahead.

Ways to pray for/with us:

Sharing opportunity. We’ve been asked to share Mike’s story and our journey with a small church in Garfield, Washington. This will happen tomorrow (July 23rd).  We would love your prayers that we are able to articulate how remarkable the Lord is and how we’re learning that the crisis was just the beginning of a journey to understanding how much we need only Him.  We’re still a work in process and the Lord is patiently teaching us that He is enough.  

Mike’s health.  He is enjoying a long duration of stable health and no incidents since the defibrillator/pace maker inserted in December.  Doctors still want the tumor to shrink and become smaller … he will have another MRI in the next few months.

Our friends, the Steckers.  Early in the year, William experienced a health crisis that was at first somewhat similar to what Mike is working through, however, the situation has grown far more serious. Please pray for them as the Lord impresses you.

That we continue to “wrest” well. 

One reason we love this place.
And another.



And yet … another. Appreciating the splendor of Eastern Washington.