Six Minutes of “Wresting”

Mike and I are “wresting”.

We are on what has become our annual “pray cation”.  This year’s theme: WAITING, WRESTLING, AND RESTING … thus WRESTING.

Waiting for direction for the future … sensing some changes but want God’s timing and clear leading.  (Hint: we would really like to move back to Eastern Washington or Idaho. We love our current jobs and church, yet feel a strong pull each time we are here.)

Wrestling with letting go of wrong thinking, past hurts, habits that waste time, and “fuel” that feeds negative thinking.  (We’re both reading John Bevere’s book Bait of Satan.  Such an important message in this book!)

Resting.  Sitting with family.  Listening.  Giving the gift of time to elderly friends.  Taking long drives.  Playing cards.  Reading books.  Praying for loved ones in crisis.  Pre-praying (preparing) for the school year ahead.

Ways to pray for/with us:

Sharing opportunity. We’ve been asked to share Mike’s story and our journey with a small church in Garfield, Washington. This will happen tomorrow (July 23rd).  We would love your prayers that we are able to articulate how remarkable the Lord is and how we’re learning that the crisis was just the beginning of a journey to understanding how much we need only Him.  We’re still a work in process and the Lord is patiently teaching us that He is enough.  

Mike’s health.  He is enjoying a long duration of stable health and no incidents since the defibrillator/pace maker inserted in December.  Doctors still want the tumor to shrink and become smaller … he will have another MRI in the next few months.

Our friends, the Steckers.  Early in the year, William experienced a health crisis that was at first somewhat similar to what Mike is working through, however, the situation has grown far more serious. Please pray for them as the Lord impresses you.

That we continue to “wrest” well. 

One reason we love this place.
And another.



And yet … another. Appreciating the splendor of Eastern Washington.






13 thoughts on “Six Minutes of “Wresting”

  1. Love the update! I’ll be praying for tomorrow’s time of sharing. I pray for clarity, I pray for just the right people to be in the audience to hear the message, and I pray for courage for anyone who needs to ask a question or speak to either one of you. I am also thinking of the spouses and loved ones of someone going through similar situations. I have a dear friend whose husband has gone through a series of health issues, including a back surgery that left him a quadriplegic. Her life has changed completely as she is going back to school to become the primary source of income and left her dream of homeschooling their four kids. Thank you for being willing to share with others.

      1. Thanks again, Kim, for your prayers. The service went very well. It was such an unexpected, random opportunity to share about all the Lord is doing since Mike’s collapse … I appreciated all who prayed for us to be able to communicate clearly. Blessings on you and your family!

  2. I always love reading your blog entries! Let’s try to get together once you are back. I will be praying for your church service tomorrow!

    Love and miss you guys! And yes, Eastern Washington is SO beautiful! I understand the “pull”!

    1. Thanks, Sandi! The church service went well … such a sweet community of people and a precious time of testifying of the Lord’s faithfulness through trials. Hope to connect with you soon!

  3. Shelly , thank you for the update. Will be praying for your future and school year starting soon. Love the photos esp the one of you and Mike posing for this update–love the humor/happiness in you both.

  4. I will certainly pray for you and Mike… You and I are in similar situations, so I feel I can pray from a heart of understanding. My husband and I took a church in Westminster CA… he has been the Senior Pastor there for 6 years now. A year and a half ago, our youngest son and his wife, along with their 3 little ones, moved to Idaho when he was called to a church there. I may never adjust to being a long-distance grandma! LOL Since then, we have fallen in love with Idaho, the place, the people, the climate (the idea of being close to our kids and grandkids)… all of it! Our hearts are drawn there, but the Lord has not given us peace about retirement or leaving yet. We have my husband’s dear mom of 92-years-old here still as well, and our older son and his wife…and three more grands. They are older, in their teens, not needing us as much these days, but love us and like us ‘around’ just the same. I serve on the Board and volunteer at a Pregnancy Clinic near our church, and I am a Christian speaker and dramatist with a lot of opportunities for speak at retreats, etc. here in So Cal, so that may change with a move as well. Anyway, all that to say I understand being in one place and longing for another. As with you, we are praying and trusting the Lord…His timing, His wisdom, His will, His way. And of course, in the meantime, I am learning to trust and to ‘choose’ contentment. I pray for nothing less for you and Mike… and I especially pray for his health. May the Lord bless you both as you earnestly seek His plan. In Hs Grip… 🙂

    1. Thank you for your prayers! And thank you for sharing your story. Yes, we are in similar situations, although our move would bring us closer to an aging parent and further from our daughters. However, they too would love to be on the “east side”. Sounds like you have many wonderful avenues of ministry … I trust that wherever you end up similar doors would open as you seem to have heart for people and a willingness to follow wherever the Lord leads. Wishing you peace and continued joy in the serving! :]

      1. Thank you so much too. It is a blessing to know we are praying for each other. Moving is always a hard decision to me, guess that is why I find it best to leave it in the Lord’s hands and to choose contentment wherever He leads. I feel you take the same approach, thus we pray! :):)

  5. Shelley, nice to hear Mike is doing well. I just drove through that country not 10 days ago. We spent about five nights in Montana, two nights in Heyburn State Park (Idaho), then drove from Potlatch to Palouse, through Colfax and west on Highway 26. Very nice country. Follow that instinct and go. If we don’t retired to Colorado it will be to Eastern WA or N Idaho or NW Montana.

    1. We just missed each other! Fished at Heyburn State park this morning and have been to Colfax several times this last month. Maybe we’ll all retire out here somewhere!

  6. LOVE the pray-cation/wresting concept. I have just taken some time to get caught up on my blog subscriptions, yours included, so hope to stay better connected this year. Am currently in Tokyo on a missions trip and heading back to France next week! Love and prayers coming your way!

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