Deer Munching Popcorn

Thanks to the inspiration of one of my daughters, I’ve entered the world of GIFs.  (The most fascinating part of it for this English teacher, is the huge debate over how to pronoun “GIF”.  I’ll let you do your own research on that one.)

Why this deer eating popcorn for my first ever GIF?

Well, given the gut-wrenching unrest in our world right now (Charlottesville, Barcelona) who doesn’t want to spend time with this popcorn-munching-doe-eyes? Beats social media at the moment.  Not that race and terror issues aren’t important. I just need a rest and new perspective. My heart hurts and my brain is sore.

Which … leads me to what’s on my mind right now … a new perspective about what it means to have faith.

Somewhere in my journey, I got this idea that humans need faith because of the sin that entered the world and the brokenness we have to deal with.  Faith is like this giant leap we’re supposed to take when we’re desperate and somehow it might or might not work out for us.

Leap of Faith

However … I think faith was ALWAYS supposed to be part of the picture, it’s not just a by product of having to live in a sinful world. It’s not just something we need because we have problems.

Here’s what I mean …

God gave everything over to Adam and Eve in His newly created world … everything, that is,  except for unlimited knowledge.  He kept them from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.

EVERYTHING else was there … just not unlimited knowledge.

What this says to me is that even in Paradise, humankind has always been meant to live in a relationship of trust with our Creator.  God never planned for us to immediately understand and know everything about Him, yet He asks us to love Him anyway.

Have you ever read C.S. Lewis’s The Great Divorce? It’s interesting to me that in a book which  depicts a visit to Heaven, that God never shows up … not directly.  Lewis captures the awkwardness of trying to comprehend the forgiveness and wonder of Heaven from our pea-brained (a favorite expression of my dad’s) human perspective. Yet, in all that Lewis, a brilliant Bible Scholar, explains, he doesn’t dare to take on a full expression of God … he just didn’t have that knowledge.  None of us do. Yet, we demand knowledge like my cat demands food at 5:00 AM … she terrorizes me!

God is a complex, powerful, unlimited Being.  To understand Him will take an eternity.  Adam and Eve were invited into the journey of love and discovery. Their walks in the garden didn’t reveal everything they were intended to know about Him. The wonders of the nature all about them wouldn’t give them full understanding either. There was … and is … more to come.

Don’t you think that we will still have a lot to learn in Heaven?  I do. It just won’t be in the context of the kind of learning that comes from failure and the consequences of sin. I think it will take an eternity of discovery and adventure to take in the wonders of our Heavenly Father and Creator.

Maybe it’s just me, but it seems like the #1 stumbling block for the human race is knowledge.  We HAVE to KNOW!  TELL ME, God!!!

If we don’t understand we get frustrated … angry … we even stop believing.

I’m a teacher. Knowledge is important.  Idolizing knowledge, though, is a dead end street.  It might lead us to a full brain, but what is that when you have a broken or unpreparedly bitter heart?

Always believe in God