Switching my blog to a different format this last year has set me on a learning curve and opened up all kinds of new interactions with people in the blog-o-sphere.

Number one on my thoughts is being surprised by how many new people I connected with when writing about anxiety or depression.  Millennials in particular (at least those who are writing blogs) are overwhelmed with depression. Breaks my heart a bit. I feel younger generations have gotten the raw deal when culture insists that we’re all here by accident … that there’s nothing really special about any of us … that it’s survival of the fittest … whoever fights the hardest and yells the loudest gets their way.  Nothing is off limits, so if you hurt others or get hurt going after what you want …. well … oops! Better luck next time.

What an overwhelming, scary, and destructive way to run at life.  No wonder depression is rampant. I’ve learned that I want to connect and listen more to millennials.

I’ve learned that honest conversations about hard things like taking care of aging parents and not having it all together in marriage resonate.

I’ve learned that I’m excited about growing blueberries and taking on simple yet bigger-than-me projects.

I’ve learned that I want to laugh more in 2018.

I’ll put more of my goals for the new year at the end, and while you think of some of your own, here are the 10 most read and commented on of my blogs from 2017.

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#6 Blueberries to Sooth the Soul

#5 About Midnight

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#3 We Can Fight Better Than You Do

#2 Taking Care of Mom

#1 Six Minutes of Wresting

And … just missing the top 10 count, was my most-personal favorite of this year, When God was Enough.

Along with laughing more in 2018, I am focused on one spiritual goal, one health goal, one relational goal, and one “bigger than me” goal for the new year.  So here they are …

Spiritual – being more intentional in prayer (God works with my worries so much better than I do.)
Relational – connecting more with other women and couples (versus getting swallowed up in our teaching careers)
Health – hiking (I live  45 minutes from the most amazing mountains in the world,) Got in about 10 hikes last year (small hikes … long walks really … so there’s definitely room for improvement.)
Bigger than me – Plant blueberries!

I have often laughed off goal setting and resolutions … not this year.  I feel like bringing some change on in my life.  How ’bout you? What are you being intentional about in 2018? Any dreams? Plans? Changes in the works? Take a moment to share!

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