Listen to the right voices.  For me it’s listening to Jesus. Sometimes it’s awkward.  If I’ve drifted for awhile, it’s like starting over which is a little embarrassing.  I said I would trust Him always, but I don’t.

“Hi Lord.  It’s me again.  Sorry, I’ve gotten busy.  I’ve found other things that seemed important in the moment.  But the truth is no Voice matters like Yours.

You center me.  Challenge me.  Change me.  Direct me. You get my eyes off of me and onto a life much bigger … much more purposeful. So my Bible is open.  I’ve shut the door, turned off my phone, the TV, the TO DO list.  I’m here … listening.”

Listen. Wait. Refuse the negative voices. Refuse the busy voices. Refuse the voices that tear down and discourage … even when it sounds like my own.

Listen to Truth.

Revel in the Peace.

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