I want a new year.  A new season.  A stronger me.

Then, forgive.

Let it go … not the sappy Disney song … not a neat and simple proverb.

The pain … the resentment … the right to be angry.  The right to be right … let it go.


She doesn’t even know.  He hasn’t thought about it in years.

He’s not likely to change or remember.

Neither is she.

So let it go.  Forgive them.  It’s me that agonizes … me that limps around with the heavy hope that he will apologize. That she will come begging.  That I will see the pay back.

Do I really want to smirk at their pain? Gloat in the revenge?

What a bitter person that makes me.

Remember the nasty old lady that nobody liked when you were a kid?  Always barking at people.  Snapped at you for breathing, it seemed.  Mean. Cantankerous.  Remember how you said that you absolutely were not going to be like that when you grow old?  So …

Don’t be her.


Watch the heavy boulder I drag around crack … crumble … sift to the ground.  Feel myself walk tall again … maybe even skip a little.

Freedom is birthed.

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