Find someone in need today. Give something meaningful.

“You can’t outgive God,” they said.

“But … what if that’s not true? “ I whined … silently, of course.

Money is tight.  Time scarce.  I always intend to give … want to be known as a generous soul. Easier to just say, “Easier said  … ” and then give myself a pass and a pat on the back for at least wanting to be generous.

Stop overthinking … stop excusing … just give.

The conversations in my head …

Remember the time you gave $100 to a need in the community?  Your heart was broken for the pain of several families suffering from a dark tragedy. That was money you could have used for bills … for your own family, but in light of the event, what did it matter? Remember the unexpected check for $100 that came a week later from an account you had overpaid?  Remember how humbled you felt?

Remember the time you paid the $30 for the lady in front of the grocery line who couldn’t get her card to go through?  Your motive was mostly about getting the line to move along, but you saw the faces of those tiny, whimpering kids … the panic and embarrassment in the mom’s eyes.  You felt the moment … it owned your heart … what if that were you?  Remember coming to school the next day and finding a thank you note from a parent with a gift card … for $30?

Remember the expensive plant you finally talked yourself into taking as a hostess gift?  You hadn’t gotten around to planting it and didn’t have time to get something for your friend who invited you to dinner.  “This is stupid,” you chide yourself the whole drive to her house, “It’s a dumb plant … I can find another one … but what if I can’t?”  You REALLY DO NOT want to part with it. Then the hostess tears up … “How did you know these daises are my favorite? Mine died last winter. How did you find this variety? I’ve looked everywhere.” You suddenly realize that the dumb plant wouldn’t have looked that great in your garden anyway.

Generosity is not always neat.  There’s not a return for everything given … In fact, there is far more silence than thank yous or paybacks. Give any way.

Giving goes beyond money and things.  Be generous in my thoughts toward others. I don’t know what monster lurks in their shadows … what battle he or she had to fight just to get out the door today.  Think nice thoughts. Give kind words.

Hold loosely to what’s mine on this earth, because … let’s be real, none of it is mine to start with.

Live free.

Know the secret …

Give … and it WILL be given.

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