You can choose not to find joy in the snow … you will have less joy in your life but the same amount of snow.

– Author Unknown

It’s going to be a mild winter, we all said. And so it seemed. Snow here and there … mostly cold days and frost covered landscapes … sunshine … visual reminders that spring would come again.

Then February happened. The first snow storm … and then the next … and the next … and one more … and another … with yet another in the forecast. How’s a gal to keep count?.

Then it was the wind. Our little town, surrounded by hills and masses of farm land became a whipping post at the slightest breath of wind. One main road was closed for over a week because crews couldn’t find the road in many spots and the walls of snow reached 13 and 14 feet high.

I got my share of evil looks when the topic of weather came up because I. LOVE. SNOW. But even I grew weary. What’s that about too much of a good thing?

After all, the weather gave me much to worry about … not being able to get to my mom’s (she lives at the other end of the road that is playing hide and seek with road crews) … there’s my husband’s 80 mile round trip to work each day … the wildlife that are struggling to find food in four plus feet of iced, caked-over snow every where … winter can be brutal. But for its brutality, I saw people look out for one another, and I saw them find way to cope and adapt to the hardships that arose.

Maybe that’s why I like winter … especially snowy winters. The storms remind me that we as humans are hardy … resilient … that I (we) can adapt and overcome when weather makes life harder than I’d like.

I’ve tried to hate snow … I really have. But as said above, I’d rather look for the joys … there’s joy in overcoming harsh elements … and as seen in the pictures below, there is beauty.

Fog rolls in on Tekoa in early winter
Before the “Big Snows” this is what winter in looked like … fog rolling in on a frosty morning.
Grain elevator encased by fog and frost; Tekoa, WA
Moose tracks across a field by Farmington.
Melting Snowman is a sign of spring coming on rashellbud, Hating Snow.

Since starting this post a couple of weeks ago, winter seems to have let up. FINALLY! To the relief of some very confused geese looking for a place to land in all of the white stuff hiding the ground and to people all over town who are simply worn out from cold temperatures and scary patches of ice everywhere, IT’S MELTING! The snow is on its way out!

A pastor I know once compared snowpack to a storehouse of prayers yet to be answered … and spring, with the run off of all that snow, to answered prayers watering dry and barren places of those we’re praying for.

I’m thankful for the lessons of winter, but am definitely ready for Spring. How’ bought you?

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