About five years ago I announced to my husband that I was going to start a blog. I sounded so confident and sure of myself, but that was a false front. I was terrified.

Everything about blogging overwhelmed and scared me. I knew nothing about platforms, hosting, coding, or really … anything other than how to write.

It was a long, painful journey of getting started. Lots and lots of Youtube videos and research. Lots of editing and do-overs, but I did it and Rashellbud took form.

Rashellbud has been a mish-mash of everything that happens in my life … reflections on faith, a place to share some of my photography, anecdotes from the classroom, family, dealing with a loved one who has dementia, and most importantly surviving several levels of my husband’s health crisis that twisted life into all sorts of new roads.

One of those roads merged into a second health crisis … this time my mother’s and one that led us away from several decades of city living to a whole new life in a rural community.

Jake and I have a lot in common … we’ve both had to learn to come out of hiding.

It’s been nearly 18 months. Our life teeters in the furthest reaches of Eastern Washington and on the Idaho border. It’s a journey of heartache as I’ve watch my mother suffer … and a simpler life style that I have delighted in … so much so that I’ve started a second blog just to focus on this chapter.

I’ll still post in Rashellbud from time to time, but hope you’ll find your way to Small Stuff and join in on the reflections, lessons, and fun we’re experiencing.

I still have a lot to learn about the underbelly of blogging.

There have been changes to the platform I use, many of which came when right in the middle of our move, so I didn’t pay attention and thus feel like I’m starting over. Some of those changes are frustrating, others have me reading and watching endless tutorials again. All of which have caused the old apprehensions and knots in the stomach to return. There’s a cold sweat that breaks out every time I consider hitting the “publish” button.

And do I dare share it on Facebook? What will our new friends think?

Crazy how risky writing can feel sometimes.

And … also fulfilling … that’s why I’m excited about the new site. It’s very simple so far … just blogs (well, so far just ONE blog post) and photos.

Thank you for being a valued reader and supporter. Hope to see you at the new site … Link is below. And … please … hang in there with me as I fix some of the bugs that came with setting up a second blog.

I appreciate you!


Click here for the new blog:


Our new view is void of skyscrapers and city busses, but there sure are plenty of these adorable critters all around us. Ahhh … love the small stuff.