I’m celebrating small stuff …

Small town life …

Small moments …

Life has become a little more about the quiet … about the simple … about the people right in front of me … which, however, is not always so simple.

You can read more on my new blog http://smallstuffliving.home.com.

I’ll still post in Rashellbud, but hope you’ll consider also following Small Stuff. It will focus on this special community and season of life we’ve found ourselves in.

The feature photo is of my hometown. This is not where I live now, but it is nearby. I think you can see the allure of the rolling hills and the exquisite hues. Nature has a way of picking out a new, stunning color scheme with each season … it’s hard to choose a favorite.

From this speck on the earth I’ve been catapulted across far reaches of the globe and into many sprawling, enormous cities, teeming with people and glamor.

But here … in this setting … my heart is sold out … held captive.

Here’s the newest post on Small Stuff: https://smallstuffliving.home.blog/2019/11/20/no-small-tomatoes/

Maybe you’d like to add your advice on homemade tomato sauce … advice welcome!

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