I love you, LORD; You are my Strength. The LORD is my Rock, my Fortress, and my Savior;

My God is my Rock, in whom I find Protection. He is my Shield, the Power that saves me, and my place of Safety.

Psalms 18:1, 2

“Jesus, Jesus … You make the darkness tremble.” -Mosaic MSC

Father in Heaven,

Thank you for teaching my heart how to stay still long enough each day to say that I love You.

Thank You for all the reasons we have to love You … besides the truth that You love us first … even when we’re messing up, You still reach out, gently correcting and turning us back.

Thank You that when we are depleted, You give us Your strength.

Thank you that when we are unsteady and unbalanced You are that solid Rock. Everything may be shaking apart around us …
but not You.

Thank you that when I am exposed and vulnerable, You will protect.

You save us.

You protect us again and again.

Father, there is someone out there right now who is unsure if You are there … unsure if there is anyone to love or protect them. I pray that they find the truth of these verses and the courage to step into a life of faith. May they find joy for maybe the first time that You love them and always have.

In Jesus Name

I am devoting much of this year to joining with others in prayer, so am therefore filling my social media pages with requests like this. I invite you to join along with prayers and requests of your own. Join in silently or add to the comments.

It is an awesome thing to watch the Lord at work through the prayers of His children.




Photo Credit: Shelly Ausmus