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About Me

Ausmus Family PhotoShelly Ausmus:

How thrilling if I could have been a pioneer of the Wild West.  I seek to apply that same energy to a tired world that seems to have accepted that there are no more worthy frontiers to explore.  I am married to Mike, and we have two adult daughters whom we adore.  I teach Language Arts at a fabulous Christian School, and we are happy to be part of a wonderful church family in the city of Tacoma Washington. In our spare time, Mike and I play Skip-bo, watch movies, and scour the country roads of the Pacific Northwest, looking for cool things to take pictures of.

Random Stuff –
I love:
cookies, fruit pie, and most candy
Palouse Country (Washington State) during Harvest Time
The Mitford Series (it’s “Anne of Green Gables” for grown-ups)
country music while driving down country roads
phone calls from my adult daughters, asking for advice
phone calls from my adult daughters, giving advice
laughing at stuff kids say
“Ah Hah” moments when I say something that makes a student think
long nature walks

I Hate:
self pity
stepping on slimy (or squishy things) without shoes
listening to the neighbor’s dog bark all night

7 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Your thoughts on the owl and David touched my heart. For over 30 years I have felt crushing loneliness. God has been drawing me to Himself through His word…praise Him. Thank you for sharing these things.

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    1. Thank you for reading and responding, Jan. I’m glad that you were touched and encouraged. I have found the Lord to be so faithful to meet the deepest needs of our hearts like no person can. Blessing to you!


  2. Good morning Shelly ,

    It is my pleasure to visit your about me page. I too hate stepping on slimy things , even with my shoes on. God has bless you with a loving family. Blessings to you!

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