The craziest thing happened last night.   The Northwest is known for its spectacular glimpses of bald eagles … just not deep in the city limits of Tacoma … in my tiny back yard.

I was watering plants in the late evening (weather’s finally nice enough for such things) when a frantic ruckus erupted.  I looked up to see a pack of black birds chasing something and expected to see a starling or some smaller bird that had ventured too close to blackbird territory.

No starling.  Instead … in the midst of the angry swarm was an eagle with prey in its talons.

The mob chased it up into our neighbor’s pine tree, where it reversed course and swooped over our yard once more. Then, pumping its wings with tremendous force, it led the shrieking flock into the far reaches of South Tacoma.

It happened so fast, that I could not distinguish what the eagle carried.   A quick text to my neighbors assured me that it wasn’t their new puppy.  (Whew!!! Would an eagle even attack a puppy or kitten?)  I don’t think it was one of the others neighbor’s chickens either, as I didn’t hear screeching.

That moment left me thinking about wonders in the midst of craziness and the unexpected things that will fill my soul today.  So, as my theme has been this week, I may not solve the world’s problems today, but I can …

  1. … marvel at that majestic eagle and the wonder of its brief visitation.
  2. … push aside worrisome thoughts, and study the noisy, little birds – full of life and chatter and expectancy – who feed in our yard, unworried about problems they can’t foresee. They just make the most of what has been provided in the moment.
    Bird in Yard (High Res.)
  3.  … stand in our garden and drink in every moment of the short lifespan of the purple and black irises we waited two years to bloom.  What is it about anticipating the brief, brilliant visitation of a plant that brings a deep cleansing to my heart?
  4. …  listen to the excited voice of our neighbor’s two-year-old, calling his dad to share in a newly discover bug.
  5. … whisper a prayer of thanks for our own sweet girls. Even though those days of bug-treasures are long, long past, I am yet thankful for the gift of those years.
  6. Sometimes problems feel like that eagle predator. I never know when a crisis may swoop down and catch me off guard.  For many months in the last two years, I’ve battled anxiety, not wanting to be caught off guard. I can, however, breathe.  I can thank the Lord for the treasures found on this Thursday and trust Him with my Friday, my Saturday, my Sunday, and the tomorrow after that.7 - Foxglove
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