Life on this earth is temporary.

I have one path on which to leave an imprint on this side of eternity’s plan. Therefore, I awaken, stretch, and ask myself:

What words will leave my mouth today?

Who … or what … will I give my time to?

What voices will I listen to?

There is a wellspring of Life that feeds my life … His name is Jesus.

He is a Prince of Peace and a Champion against evil.  His Words have rippled through the decades, spilled into the centuries … opened the door to eternity.

In the temporariness of today, help me, Lord, that I may reject evil … busyness … carelessness … silliness … greed. May I push off the desire to turn the spotlight onto me … or to make my problems about others.

It’s all temporary.  The one thing that will carry on is the truth that is in Christ I am an overcomer … a light in darkness … a truth teller … a reflector of hope.

And … REMEMBER … the struggles are temporary too.  My friend used to urge:

“There IS a light at the end of the tunnel. NEVER GIVE UP! It might take one more turn to see the light … or one more … or even another.  But don’t quit!  And yes, the tunnel doesn’t end upon seeing the light … but it is the way out. Keep walking.  Keep walking.  Don’t give up.  The tunnel is temporary.  Never forget that.”

Today, the journey begins to honor a dedicated believer who touched the lives of millions upon millions of people.  The life of the Reverend Billy Graham has ended on this earth, and his body is on its way to sit in state in our nation’s capital.

In an angry world that has decided that Jesus isn’t enough for us, we’re given a minute to pause and reconsider … to turn back to something simple and true in the gospel message as we consider the life of Mr. Graham.

A random thought has occurred to me as the motorcade of Reverend Graham’s body journeys along highways and through towns full of people touched by his life … What is the devil saying today?  Is he smirking, thinking, “Oh good … a voice and influence that will fade away. His voice is gone and now I’ve got them all where I want them as they fight and tear each other apart out of their fear of their temporary state on earth.”

Or will the devil see me returning to the simple message … on my knees again … praying for the lost … obeying Christ’s commands … loving my brothers and sisters in Christ … caring for the poor … helping the sick … unchaining the bound?

Will the devil see this … simple as I am … and think, “Oh crap, I still have her to deal with?”

I hope so.

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